I am guilty of the stigma behind Walmart shopping. There are only certain things I would buy from there. Then I slapped myself back down to reality because whoever these designers are, they know what is up!

If you haven’t browsed the women’s clothing section yet, you’re missing out. There are some CA-YUTE things and they are super AFFORDABLE. Walmart is down with the trends and has definitely duped some big name brands for a fraction of the cost. 

Walk into your local Walmart, or if you live in a bigger city like I do, you may have a few you can scope out. I have three that I like to frequent. My last trip resulted in spending only $80 and I was able to snag, 3 cute tops, a dress, a pair of shorts, a swimsuit cover up, and a pair of shoes. I was thrilled. Their accessories department has always been something I have been impressed with. I love buying earring sets, necklaces, and bracelets. Nothing seems to ever be over $5-$10.

The price point at Walmart cannot be beaten. Do yourself a favor and make the trip or browse online. If you are wanting cute and EXTREMELY affordable fashion, start here. Being a mom and I am all about easy fashion and why not at a great price point.