I LOVE my TULA products. I add in a few different products too, but If I had to choose one brand, it would be TULA. 

I have always struggled with acne prone skin. Hormones have caused a lot of issues with my face and they still do. I have not changed this skin care routine in about 6 months.

I start with removing my makeup with Neutrogena face wipes. I then use my TAO cleaning brush and use the TULA cleanser and cleanse my face. The TAO brush will auto shut off after a certain amount of time. Every other day to every two days I use the Botanic Tree Exfoliating cleanser with the exfoliating TAO brush. (THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING) 

After cleansing I use the TULA toner and apply all over my face + neck. 

Skin Bae is a product my grandmother found and I am OBSESSED with it. It is a blend of all natural essential oils made into skin serum. I feel like this product has been a game changer for the texture and coloring of my face. It makes my skin so smooth and soft. I love the pepperminty smell of it too. I love oils and consider myself an “oil girl” so I will toot the horn of this product. 

After the serum feels soaked in, I use the TULA moisturizer all over my face and neck. 

If I am wanting a little added color to my face, I add a 1-2 drops of the Isle of Paradise tanning drops. I use the shade dark, but the medium would also work perfect. I use these every other night if I am going for a tanned face look.

I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face in the morning before I put on my makeup. I like to use a primer for my makeup too. I have alternated between the ELF poreless putty primer and the Tarte Poreless primer. Tarte is my go to, and the ELF is an extremely affordable version. My makeup has an SPF in it otherwise I would add some sort of sunscreen before applying makeup. I would recommend the ELTA MD sunscreen. 

Taking care of your skin is key, and it is so important to start at a young age. A good skin care routine now means less hardcore maintenance later on.